This site was created with the intention of making this world a better place. We are self-improvement junkies who have have spent decades taking some of the top self-improvement courses and reading some of the most inspiring books. With our experience, passion, and willingness to always keep learning more, we hope to help you increase your happiness and health just like we have done for ourselves.

We know how horrible it feels to feel bad/negative/sad/lacking purpose.

And, we know how powerful it is to feel good – not just for your own life, but for the people and world around you. When you are in a state of happiness, you affect everyone around you positively.

The goal is simple:

Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived. – Sidney Sheldon

Hopefully this website will help us do that in some way.

We are building the framework for this site, so as of now you can expect to read about affirmations, positive stories, real life experiences, and tips and tools to increase your well-being.

As the site grows, the structure of this site will change, so we will update this page as it does!

If you have a suggestion, please feel free to contact us!